Italy Quake Toll: 275 dead, 10 Still Missing

The death toll in Italy’s worst seismic strike in over three decades spiraled to 275 on Thursday as rescuers removed three more bodies from a collapsed university dormitory in the historic L’Aquila city.

At least seven students, including an Israeli, died in the dormitory, which is the epicenter of grief in this city, destroyed and struggling to pick up threads of everyday life.

The operation at the student hostel came to an end a little after dawn on Thursday as excavators moved in to pull down what remained of the structure said correspondents reporting from the area.

Rescue officials say “no one else is missing” but add that they would take no chances and verify that no one else remains buried under the rubble.

Search ops are continuing across the city for 10 people that have been missing since the 6.3 magnitide quake struck the region early on Monday.

Strong aftershocks continued to rattle residents at various rehabilitation tent camps erected by the government and aid agencies, as the government has issued advisories to residents to stay away from their homes till the furious seismic activity subsides.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano arrived Thursday to see the damage in L’Aquila while the Vatican says Pope Benedict XVI would visit the affected area after Easter Sunday.

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