Ireland to vote to pass abortion bill

Dublin: Ireland’s lawmakers on Thursday agonized over government plans to pass an abortion bill for the first time in this predominantly Catholic country.

Outside more than 100 anti-abortion protesters, who had spent the night reciting prayers with rosary beads beside the entrance to the Parliament building, vowed to spend a second night kneeling on the spot in hopes of inspiring lawmakers to rebel against Kenny. “Keep abortion illegal, babies can LIVE without it,” their placards read.

Six previous governments refused to back the judgment, citing the suicide grounds as open to abuse by abortion-seekers. But Ireland faced renewed pressure to pass legislation on medical-emergency abortions after the European Court of Human Rights ruled in 2011 that Ireland’s inaction meant that pregnant women in medical crises faced potentially dangerous delays in receiving terminations in neighboring England, where abortion was legalized in 1967.

Still, Kenny’s government didn’t draft its abortion bill until after the legal limbo was widely blamed for killing a woman in an Irish hospital last year. In that case, a woman 17 weeks pregnant with her first child was diagnosed with a miscarriage, but doctors refused her pleas for an abortion and said they couldn’t act until the fetal heartbeat stopped. The delay contributed to her contraction of fatal blood poisoning. The bill proposes that one doctor’s opinion is sufficient for a woman in an immediate emergency to receive an abortion; a woman facing life-threatening complications would need two doctors’ support for an abortion; and a suicidal woman would need her threats to be verified as credible by three doctors, including two psychiatrists, for an abortion to be permitted.

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