Iraq Bloodbath Continues, Four Bombings, 40 Dead

At least 23 people were killed and over a hundred wounded as two trick bombs exploded in a Shiite dominated village in Iraq’s northern Mosul province. In a separate incident in Baghdad two car bombs exploded killing over a dozen and wounding many more.

The attack in Mosul coming close on the heels of a spate of deadly bombings targeting Shiites last Friday, has sent alarm bells ringing, as experts say the incidents could set off a fresh round of sectarian strife between the Shiites and Sunnis, the oldest sects in Islam.

Some 40 Shiites were killed as a result of the bombings on Friday.

30 homes were also reportedly destroyed in the Mosul bombings that took place in the village of Khaznah, in the early hours of Monday.

The bombings in Baghdad, however, did not target any group in particular and were triggered in the vicinity of two separate construction sites.

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