Iran Open to Nuke Talks with West: Top Negotiator

A top nuclear negotiator from Iran has proposed an opening for possible compromise with the West, revealing that the Islamic regime is prepared to convene talks on its nuclear programme with world powers.

However, Iranian lawmakers at the same time gave a message of defiance to the world community, showing strong support for President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nominee for defence minister, who is wanted by Argentina for the bombing of a Jewish community centre in 1994 that killed 85 people.

Saeed Jalili, country’s main nuclear negotiator, informed media person that Iran will put forward a new “package of proposals” and will open talks “in order to ease common concerns in the international arena”.

His comments hold significance in the sense they come ahead of a meeting outside Frankfurt of the six countries trying to address concerns about Iran’s nuclear programme – the US, France, Britain, Russia, China and Germany.

Obama has given Iran a deadline of the end of September to agree to nuclear talks or risk harsher sanctions. Last year, Iran was offered economic incentives in exchange for suspending uranium enrichment, but Iran’s leaders responded by saying they would never give up control of the production of nuclear fuel.

Western nations and others worry Iran is moving toward development of nuclear warheads. But Iranian leaders say the country only seeks reactors to produce electricity.

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