Iran Grants $300,000 Bail to Clotilde Reiss

Iran has freed on bail a French teaching assistant it earlier accused of spying and aiding a western plot against Teheran following the disputed presidential poll in June.

Tehran says Clotilde Reiss admitted to writing a report about the demonstrations that saw hundreds of people detained.

Her father Remi Reiss said: ‘‘We’ve spoken about bail….there are also a certain number of safeguards. I imagine so the Iranian authorities are able to have Clotilde at their disposal in the next few days.’‘

Paris, however, has strongly denied accusations leveled against Reiss and said it (the ‘report’) was simply an email and that she was pressured into a confession.

France paid about $300,000 for Reiss to be released on bail, Reuters quoted Iranian news sources as saying. The 24-year-old teacher must stay in the French Embassy until a verdict is reached.

Earlier, France acknowledged it had paid bail for Reiss, but had refrained from specifying the amount.

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