India Could’ve Prevented 26/11 Terror Attacks: Pak Minister

Two days after Red Corner Notices were issued against Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed, Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said that terrorist attacks on Mumbai in November last year “would not have happened” if Pakistan had obtained information from India.

He said that Islamabad needs to scrutinize the proof provided by India on the ground of which a Red Corner Notice against Saeed was issued by Interpol.

“We will examine it (the Red Corner Notice),” he said. “Certain procedures were required to pursue the notice.”

He was answering a query on the Red Corner Notice issued for Saeed at a news conference in London.

He said that Pakistan would never allow anyone to use its territory “against India or anyone else”.

In the wake of a court in Mumbai issuing non-bailable arrest warrant for Saeed, Interpol circulated a notice for Saeed on Tuesday. He was allegedly involved in planning and executing Mumbai terror attacks.

Recently, India gave a fresh dossier to Pakistan on the Mumbai attacks that carry extensive information on Saeed’s contacts with the 10 terrorists who carried out the attacks and his role in training and motivating them.

Malik said that Pakistan has received this latest dossier from India but needs to examine whether “it meets the procedural requirements”. He added: “We need tangible evidence which can stand the test of the court.”

About action taken by the Pakistan government in the case, he said that it was “very transparent”.

He added that fiver persons were captured initially and then more were apprehended. He said that he would give information on these two persons soon.

He also responded to India PM Manmohan Singh’s remarks that India has credible information that Pakistan-based terror groups are likely to execute fresh attacks in India. Malik said that New Delhi should share such information with Islamabad.

“Please give us some information. We want that information because we want to go to the depth (of the matter),” he said.

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