Hatoyama Sworn in Japan PM, Names Cabinet

Ending a long term role as the country’s main opposition leader, Yukio Hatoyama, was formally elected the country’s new prime minister by the parliament on Wednesday, his nomination breaks the over five decade hold of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) over the top office.

While admitting that the new government may face some trial and error, he urged the Japanese people to be patient.

Hatoyama, who says he is excited by the prospect of changing the course of Japanese history and named his cabinet after being sworn in on Wednesday.

In a crushing victory last month, Hatoyama’s Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won 308 of the 480 seats in the powerful lower chamber of the parliament.

Through his campaign the DPJ promised to cut government waste and reinvigorate the economy to curb the record unemployment rate of 5.7 percent and changes in the bureaucratic set up of the country apart from a pro-family shift in policy and a significant shift in the foreign policy.

Hatoyama’s induction has triggered speculations of Japan’s imminent pull out of the ongoing NATO-led war in Afghanistan, which is likely to come next year.

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