Harry Potter Decade’s Greatest Entertainer: US Mag

JK Rowling’s Harry Potter has been ‘the greatest entertainer of the decade’, said the US Magazine Entertainment Weekly.

Harry Potter, which has superbly created child-witch characters, beat every television show, film, song and even popular social networking sites like YouTube and Facebook to land the title, said the weekly.

The magazine compiled and looked at television shows, albums, books, characters, dresses, music video and trends before coming up a ‘top 100’ list of the things that entertained people.

“Harry Potter lives in our memories more vividly than any other character we’ve read or seen on screen this decade.

“It’s precisely because JK Rowling created him not as a mighty doer of epic deeds but as a regular kid; a teenager just trying to get by in a crazy, scary world. Who can’t relate to that?” the magazine said in a statement.

In the list, TV series The Sopranos ended second while YouTube third. The film The Lord of the Rings bags fourth position and Ricky Gervais’s TV series The Officer 28th.

The magazine chose The Lord of the Rings as the greatest film of the decade and the US series The Sopranos was the best TV show.

The almost-transparent Versace dress worn by singer Jennifer Lopez at the 2000 Grammy Awards was 29th on the list compiled by the staff at the magazine. Daniel Craig wearing blue swimming trunks in the film Casino Royale came 71st.

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