G8 Urge An End to Lankan Conflict, Offer Aid

With Sri Lankan war heading to a macabre end, a key grouping of developed nations, while strongly flaying Tamil rebels’ use of “human shields”, has issued an appeal for thousands of civilians trapped in midst of the island nation’s bloody war with itself.

Foreign Ministers of Group of Eight Nations urged an end to the conflict and backed send in UN humanitarian aid.

The emerging humanitarian crisis in the country is already showing signs of some of the worst war crimes committed in recent times, and nightmares of the battle are sure to haunt Tamil civilians long after guns on either side have stopped to spew smoke.

Some 60,000 civilians, who have bore the brunt of alleged excesses committed by either side of the war, are still reported to be trapped in the island’s north

“The plight of civilians still trapped by the fighting and who remain at extreme risk from the ongoing hostilities is our primary concern,” said a statement issued by Rome, chairman of the G8 which groups the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Russia and Canada.

Worried over deteriorating condition of entrapped civilians, as shown by a video clip a few days ago, diplomatic pressure has consistently mounted this week with the UN Security Council, the United States, India and other countries insisting on Sri Lanka to stop its offensive and on the LTTE to surrender to avoid civilian casualties.

“Strongly condemning the use of civilians as human shields by the LTTE, the killing of civilians and terrorism in all its manifestations, we call all parties to take all necessary action to avoid further civilian casualties,” said the G8 statement.

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