EIBaradei, Iran Officials Negotiating Secret Deals

As a last effort before his term as director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) comes to an end, Mohamed ElBaradei is trying everything to strike a deal with Iran to end sanctions.

According to reports of the Times newspaper, secret negotiations are underway between the IAEA and Iranian officials. The negotiations, if reached, are expected to convince world powers lift sanctions and allow Tehran to retain the bulk of its nuclear programme in return for co-operation with UN inspectors.

However, IAEA officials refused the existence of such a document.

Reports said that ElBaradei formulated a 13-point agreement in September with a view to break the deadlock in contacts between Iran and world powers before his term ends at the end of November.

The secret deal would allow Iran to maintain and even expand its uranium enrichment program in the sites in Natanz and Qom, under closer IAEA scrutiny, as part of a globally managed nuclear fuel bank.

According to section 10 in the agreement, should Iran comply with arrangements, the signatories would report positively to the UN Security Council and lift sanctions.

“At first, the sanctions prohibiting the movement of scientists and technicians are to be lifted immediately, as are the sanctions connected to the supply of spare parts for aircraft and other essential activities,” the draft stated.

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