Egyptian Police Clash with Gaza Aid Convoy

Several activists and Egyptian police personnel suffered minor injuries as clashes broke out over attempts by a pro-Palestinian convoy, led by outspoken British MP George Galloway, to deliver humanitarian aid into the Gaza strip, say media reports.

Protests broke out late on Tuesday as hundreds of activists broke down the gate at the port in El-Arish, marking their anger against an Egyptian decision to ship some of the goods, the ‘Viva Palestina’ convoy was carrying, through Israel.

Not wishing to disturb a precarious regional and global balance, Egypt allowed a majority of the nearly 210 lorries in the convoy to cross into Gaza via the Rafah border. But insisted that some 60-odd trucks continue their journey via Israel.

The convoy, carrying medicine and other supplies, commenced the journey from the UK nearly a month ago.

Israel and Egypt have sealed the borders into the Palestinian enclave since the armed Hamas seized power in Gaza in June 2007.

Allowing only the very basic of supplies into the territory, the blockade places Gaza residents in a dire situation.

Meanwhile, an Israeli air-attack in Gaza is reported to have killed a Palestinian fighter and wounded four others in the city of Khan Younis Tuesday.

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