Earth could be 4 degree warmer by 2100

Bonn: The planet is to warm by four degrees Celsius by the year 2100, if the global community fails to act on climate change, a new report by Climate Action Tracker has said.
The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has previously set a goal of limiting the increase in the global temperature to no more than two degrees Celsius every century.

The report said the “existing and planned policies are not sufficient for countries to meet these pledges” and current emissions trends are likely to lead to higher emission levels than previously projected.
Marion Vieweg, Climate Analytics project manager, said, “There are no new targets and governments appear to be undermining, weakening or even cheating on their current rules.”

“We’re in a kind of shuffling climate dance, with governments giving the appearance of moving around, yet staying in the same p21lace, and some of them appear to have forgotten they’re on the dance floor at all.”

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