Details of Only Yemeni Plane Crash Survivor Girl Emerging

The particulars about the only person known to have survived the Yemini plane crash have come out.

According to reports, a French rescuer had located a 14-year-old girl amid bodies and wreckage in jerky water. When he pulled the girl up, she was shaking up. Later, she was taken to a hospital in capital of the Comoros, Moroni. Five bodies have also been recovered.

The Airbus 310, while attempting a second landing, had crashed on Tuesday with 153 people on board including the crew.

The rescuer told France’s Europe 1 radio of finding the girl.

“We tried to throw a life buoy. She could not grab it. I had to jump in the water to get her,” he was quoted as saying. “She was shaking, shaking. We put four sheets on her. We gave her hot, sugary water. We simply asked her name, village.”

Dr Ada Mansour, who examined and treated the child, said that the girl was conscious and speaking, however, she added: “We are trying to warm her up because she was freezing.”

The girl, it is believed, lives in Marseille and was travelling with her mother to the Comoros.

There were 66 French nationals on board, and the French military were involved in the search.

Most of the plane’s passengers had flown on a different Yemenia aircraft from Paris or Marseille before boarding flight IY626 in Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

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