Creating Jobs Is Obama’s Top Priority: White House

On the eve of completion of President Barack Obama’s one year in office, the White House has said that creating jobs for Americans remain president’s top agenda, reported PTI.

“I think the top priority, obviously is to continue to work hard on getting this economy back on track and creating jobs again,” the White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, was quoted as saying in his daily press breifing.

Gibbs, however, said that no special event was planned for celebration of the occasion, said report.

“He outlined some ideas in December on some successful programmes, some of which were in the Recovery Act, that many people have in the parlance, of oversubscribed in terms of the amount of money that was available but having applications for two or thre e or four times that amount of money. “His primary focus will be on creating jobs,” Gibbs was quoted as saying.

Answering a query, Gibbs declined that the Obama Administration had lost its touch with the American people.

“According to any reasonable measure, the answer to that is, of course not,” he was quoted as saying.

He said: “The President isn’t going to get focused on the economy in the coming months; the President obviously has been focused quite clearly on the economy since his first moments in office.”

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