British Envoy Narrowly Escapes Suicide Bomb Attack in Yemen

The British Ambassador to Yemen narrowly escaped a mistimed attack by a man believed to be an al-Qaeda suicide bomber, said media reports quoting eye witnesses.

According to reports, the attack took place nearly two kilometers away from the British embassy in the capital Sana’a on a road leading to the embassy and a five star hotel.

Authorities said that after the ambassador went by, the bomber detonated the suicide device killing himself and injuring three bystanders, said reports.
Meanwhile, the British Foreign Office in London said that it was ‘urgently looking into reports that Ambassador Tim Torlot had been the target of a suspected attack’, reports said.

Reports reaching London said that the ambassador was unhurt but one person died in the attack.

Police officers present at the scene of attack said that the only person killed in the attack was bomber himself and that the three bystanders injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, said reports.

They confirmed that the man was a suicide bomber, possibly from al-Qaida and was targeting the envoy, reports said.

Police were picking up body parts and putting them into plastic bags nearly 100 metres from blast site.

It may be mentioned that fearing terror attack, Britain and the US temporarily closed down their embassies in Yemen in January

(Based on internet reports)

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