Australian Police Working on Leads in Nitin Garg Killing

In connection with stabbing of Nitin Garg, detectives in Australia are working on some leads and are keen to talk a person who jumped into a taxi near the murder spot that night, said reports.

Bernie Edwards, detective Inspector of the homicide squad, said that police have some leads and established an information caravan at the scene in Yarraville.

“Irrespective of what is going on in the media here and overseas, it’s a straight-out murder and that’s how we are treating it,” he was quoted as saying by media in Melbourne.

Police is eager to speak to a person who got into a taxi at around 9.50 pm on Saturday opposite the Hungry Jack’s restaurant where Garg was a part-time employee. Also, they want the taxi driver to contact them.

Garg was stabbed on way to the eatery. The murder weapons has not been found.

Acting Premier Rob Hulls and Police Deputy Commissioner Kieran Walshe met Indian High Commissioner Sujatha Singh and Consul General Anita Nayar to discuss the issue yesterday.

“I assured (the high commissioner) that police were doing everything within their power to find the perpetrator of this heinous crime,” Hulls said.

Walshe said that Singh had “indicated a concern regarding Indian nationals in Australia” but had not suggested that she believed Garg’s murder was driven by racism.

Meanwhile, using their new powers to ‘stop and search’ for concealed arms, police have seized weapons like knives and machete at Footscray railway station yesterday.

The police crackdown came as Victoria tried to push its image as a safe place to live in following the stabbing of the 21-year-old Indian.

The new laws allow police to search in a designated area without a warrant.

Police found seven people carrying 12 weapons, including knives, a machete and a knuckleduster, while another person was found in possession of drugs during the three-hour operation.

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