Aussie Cops Investigating Attack on Indians

Victorian Police on Wednesday said it has launched investigations in to the circumstances surrounding the racial attack against three Indians in a Melbourne suburb on September 14.

Dismissing claims of the three Indians having been attacked by a group of 70 people, Victorian Police said only four men were involved in the assault and a group of up to 20 were bystanders.

“Four men had been involved in the actual assault and a group of up to 20 had been bystanders,” Acting Senior Sergeant Glenn Parker was quoted as saying by ‘The Age’.

Reserving his comments on the incident, Victorian Premier John Brumby, who visits India next week, said “any violence, racially motivated or not, was unacceptable.

Political claims notwithstanding, violence, especially if it targets Indians, is widely acceptable on the streets where neo-skinheads have been mugging, slashing and stabbing Indians with impunity and the government has been a mere bystander not unlike the gutless group of 20 that saw the Indians being mercilessly thrashed last weekend.

The attack was the latest in a series of similar incidents targeting Indian students in Australia

Both governments had discussed the issue in August and Australia had assured the Indian students of their safety.

With the violence on the streets threatening its multi-million dollar education industry, Australia has been making strong efforts to contain the outrage over a string of attacks that are sure to result in a steep decline in the number of students applying to Australian universities this year.

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