Al-Qaeda Threatens Vendetta for Killing Uighurs: Report

Pledging to take a revenge for the deaths of Muslims in China’s Urumqi city, Al-Qaeda has said that it would target the country’s workforce in northwest Africa, said a newspaper citing an intelligence report.

Summarizing the intelligence report by London-based risk analysis firm Stirling Assynt, the ‘South China Morning Post’ said that the call for retaliation against China has come from Algerian-based Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

It should be noted that Osama bin Laden’s network has, for the first time, directly intimidated China or its interests, the Stirling report said, and that the desire of vendetta was spreading over the global jihadist community.

“Although AQIM appear to be the first arm of Al-Qaeda to officially state they will target Chinese interests, others are likely to follow,” the consultancy’s report said, according to the Hong Kong newspaper.

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese work in the Middle East and North Africa, including 50,000 in Algeria, the report estimated.

“There is an increasing amount of chatter … among jihadists who claim they want to see action against China,” it said.

“Some of these individuals have been actively seeking information on China’s interests in the Muslim world, which they could use for targeting purposes.”

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