A Nuclear Iran Poses Threat to US, Israel and World: Obama

On the issue of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons, US President Barack Obama has said that his administration would try its best to ensure that the middle east country does not attain nuke weapons and destabilises the entire world. 

After his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his Oval Office, the US President said that Iran, with nuclear weapons, would pose a threat to the security of the US and Israel.

“I assured the Prime Minister (Netanyahu) that we are not foreclosing a range of steps, including much stronger international sanctions, in assuring that Iran understands we are serious,” Obama said.

Despite his administration’s continuing best possible attempts to engage Iran in a dialogue and persuade it not to go for nuclear weapons, Obama said that he is not shutting doors on any option, as the Israeli Prime Minister expressed concern over the threats coming from Iranian leaders against Israel.

“The worst danger we face is that Iran would develop nuclear military capabilities. Iran openly calls for our destruction, which is unacceptable by any standard. It threatens the moderate Arab regimes in the Middle East. It threatens US interests worldwide,” Netanyahu said.

“If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, it could give a nuclear umbrella to terrorists, or worse, it could actually give terrorists nuclear weapons. And that would put us all in great peril,” he said.

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