26/11 Probe Report on Monday, Gilani

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani while speaking to reporters in Lahore on Friday expressed optimism that the report on preliminary investigations into the Mumbai attacks will be submitted to him on Monday and its findings will be made public soon, reported dawn News on its website Saturday morning.

Talking to media at the Lahore airport Gilani said the findings would be shared with India and the international community.

“No fact will be kept secret,” he stressed.

Rejecting media reports that suggested an Indian diplomatic offensive, launched after the 26/11 Mumbai terror strikes, had left his country isolated. Gilani said: “The entire world is supporting our stance on the Mumbai attacks.”

He stressed that his administration was not silent on the Kashmir dispute and wanted its resolution in accordance with the wishes of the people of Kashmir.

He informed that the issue had been raised with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during his recent visit to Islamabad and also with US Vice-President Joe Biden and at the World Economic Forum, he added.

He also sought to play down speculations of differences between his government and Kashmiri leaders on his side.

Responding to queries on the release of Islamabad’s tainted nuclear whiz Dr. AQ Khan, Gilani said the scientist had himself said he had not been freed under pressure from any quarter.

Dr. Khan, known as the father of the “Islamic Bomb,” belongs to Bhopal and is an alumnus of the Phool Mahal School in the Peer Gate area of the city.

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