23 Killed in Serial Bombings in Baghdad and Kirkuk

In a fatal series of bombing, at least 23 people, three of them US soldiers, have been killed in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Kirkuk.

A suicide bomber, in the deadliest attack, struck at a market in Baghdad’s Dora district, killing 12 people, including three US soldiers.

On the other hand, the Kirkuk blast targeted at members of the Awakening Council, a US-allied Sunni militia, killing eight people. The council is a movement of former militias and insurgents who have turned against al-Qaeda in Iraq and allied themselves with the US and Iraqi militaries.

In the meantime, a third bombing inside a Baghdad police station left three recruits dead.

It should be noted that the attacks followed the yesterday’s car bomb attack in which at least 40 people were killed in north-western Baghdad.

However, both the Iraqi government and the US said that the recent attacks are isolated incidents that do not chip away at security gains. According to them, the attacks are not as sophisticated as they once were.

On death of its three soldiers in Dora, the US military said that it could not immediately confirm Iraqi police reports of death of soldiers.

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