17-year-old Widow Bombed Moscow Metro: Reports

Russian investigators believe 17-year-old Dzhanet Abdullayeva to be one of the two suicide bombers that targeted Moscow metro system on Monday, killing 39 people and injuring over 70 others.

Abdullayeva, whose second name has also been reported as Abdurakhmanova, is the widow of a North Caucasus fighter Umalat Magomedov, who was killed by Russian security forces last year.

“One of the female suicide bombers, who blew herself up at the Park Kultury metro station, was Dzhanet Abdullayeva,” Russian news agencies quoted a statement issued by the National anti-terror committee as saying.

“She was born in 1992 and lived in the Khasavyurtsky region of Dagestan,” the official said.

“The material has been sent to the investigative committee of Russian prosecutors.”

Monday’s twin bombings – first at the Lubyanka metro station and the second at the Park Kultury station – have been blamed on fighters from the North Caucasus.

Russian president Dmitry Medvedev has vowed to hunt down and annihilate those responsible for the ghastly attacks.
AP Pic showing a couple at a candlelight vigil held at the Lubyanka Square in Moscow.

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