14 Killed, 32 Injured in Kabul Blasts and Gunfire

Nearly 14 people have been killed in explosions and gunfire in the centre of Afghani capital of Kabul, reported BBC quoting officials.

According to report, first a suicide bomber blew himself up near Kabul’s main shopping centre, following which several smaller explosions occurred and even two other attackers were shot dead.

Quoting its correspondent, BBC reported that the first blast happened at 0630 local time (0200 GMT) close to the Kabul City Centre shopping area and the Safi Landmark Hotel.

In the attack, nearly 32 people are reported to be injured with unconfirmed reports of some foreign nationals death, said report.

Two policemen are reported to be killed in the blasts, carried out by, according to a spokesman of the group, Taliban, said report.

Kabul police official Abdul Ghafor Sayedzada said that a building in front of the hotel had caught fire, said report.

At least two smaller explosions were reported and security forces exchanged fire with gunmen for several hours after sealing off the area, report said.

Sirens blared across the city and announcements from loudspeakers warned people to stay indoors, said report.

It should be noted that the violence occurred as Nato and Afghan forces continue Operation Moshtarak to tackle the Taliban in Helmand province.

Report said that the aim was to drive the Taliban from their strongholds around Nad Ali and Marjah.

Friday’s attack is also the Taliban’s first major raid since the arrest of key leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, in Pakistan this month.

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