11 Security Officials Detained for Interrogation following Baghdad Carnage

In the wake of the bloodiest carnage in more than a year in Baghdad, Iraq has detained 11 security officials for interrogation about security failure that caused the massacre.

It may be mentioned that the death toll in Wednesday bombing and mortar attacks have gone upto at least 100 and more than 500 people are injured.

French news agency quoted an army spokesman as saying that regulations require security officials to proscribe the entry into government ministries of the sort of trucks that exploded on Wednesday.

Moreover, tight security failed to avert another bombing in Iraqi capital on Thursday as two people were killed and at least 10 injured when a bomb strapped to a bicycle burst in central Baghdad.

Wednesday’s explosion and resultant killings prompted Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to promise an immediate re-evaluation of the government’s security methods.

Truck bombs blasted within interval of minutes outside the foreign ministry and finance ministry. According to police, say mortar or rocket attacks hit other government buildings and commercial areas in the capital.

Media reports said that Deputy Interior Minister Hussein Ali Kamal blamed the attacks on Al-Qaida fighters and remnants of Iraq’s Baathist regime of the late Saddam Hussein.

Iraqi security forces say that they arrested two Al-Qaida members after intercepting a vehicle filled with explosives.

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