Bol Bachan a-la Big B

Hooked on to his Mumbaiyya ‘Bol Bachan’ or the perfect enunciation Amitabh Bachchan fans can now dial into his voice at the press of a button.

Big B fans can hear the superstar’s voice on ‘Bachchan Bol’, a unique service launched by once the angry young man in association with Inside India.

The service, accessed from any landline or mobile phone across the globe, allows a person to hear Bachchan sharing his thoughts in his inimitable voice and style.

“Bachchan Bol empowers me with a personal platform on which I can connect and speak directly with my fans anywhere and anytime. From my films to my family, from my country to my city, you will be able to hear about it all, in my own voice, directly on your mobile phone,” said the Rann star while speaking to reporters in Mumbai.

To hear Bachchan share personal and professional experiences fans can dial 505678910** from their mobile or landline phones.

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