Thirteen more killings during the Syrian protest

On Sunday night in Syria the killings come as demonstrations calling for the ouster of President Bashar al-Assad all across the country. Syrian security forces have killed at least 13 pro-democracy protesters in the city of Homs, rights activists told media.

Activists had called for protests across Syria on Sunday, which was Syria’s Independence Day, commemorating the departure of the last French soldier 65 years ago.

The situation in Homs is very tense and people are complaining that many of the wounded are not going to the hospital; they fear that the security forces will pick them up from their hospital beds. There is also a shortage of blood according to the people.

Funerals for the victims were planned following noon prayers on Monday in Al-Nour mosque, “but people are concerned that clashes might erupt following the processions.”

The government and the opposition are trading blames over the escalated tensions and the deadly clashes.

The stories between the government and the protesters vary. It is very hard to get information from there because there are no journalists there to verify what is happening.

The latest clashes came two days after the Syrian president said the country’s decades-long emergency laws would be lifted within a week and also promised a number of other reforms.

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