4 Chinese men get Rs 2 crore each in compensation for wrongful conviction

They were sentenced to death in July 2003 for murder, rape and robbery
Beijing: Four people in China have received 2.27 million yuan (more than Rs 2 crore) each as compensation from the state for being wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death 13 years ago.
Huang Zhiqiang, Fang Chunping, Cheng Fagen and Cheng Lihe were sentenced to death by the Intermediate People’s Court of Jingdezhen city in July 2003 for murder, rape and robbery on May 23, 2000 in Leping City in central China’s Jiangxi
Province. The appeal process had been continuing since 2003.
In 2016, the Jiangxi Higher People’s Court ruled that the facts were unclear, the evidence insufficient, and the authenticity and legitimacy of their confessions in doubt.
Xia Keqin, vice president of Jiangxi higher court, made an apology to the four after their acquittal, state-run Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday.

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