Midwest on high alert

MIDWEST: In continuing sequence of Tornadoes, yet another tornado will be coming to US. The forecasters warned of a severe storm to a vast swathe of the Midwestern US. On Friday no injuries were reported when first tornado swept into Norman, Oklahoma, site of the US national Storm Prediction Center (SPC). The 39 peoples were already killed in a sequence of tornadoes in US in the current year. In March deadly twisters hit the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia and Alabama. In April, the Dallas-Fort Worth area was badlyRead More

Tornadoes wreck homes and ground flights in Texas

TEXAS: The tornado breaks havoc in Texas. Flights were cancelled at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and passengers were moved away from glass windows for their safety. At lunchtime the tornado just touched down south of Dallas, and moved east as another appeared in Mansfield. No immediate reports of injuries were there. TV footage showed images of houses with roofs and second storey’s missing while some of the properties were almost completely blown away. Dallas County spokeswoman Maria Arita told the Associated Press, “Obviously we’re going to have a lot of assessmentsRead More

Life disturbing Tornadoes in Middle America

MISSOURI: On Wednesday a Powerful storms roared through middle America again with weak tornadoes touching down in isolated spots and severe thunderstorms threatening such strikes in several states. No deaths are reported from the new round of storms, though authorities reported dozens of minor injuries following brief tornado touchdowns in Missouri and Indiana. The National Weather Service issued tornado watches and a series of warnings in a dozen states, stretching northwest from Texas though the Mississippi River valley to Ohio. The Beverly Poole said, “Everybody’s working as fast and furiousRead More

Eight Dead, 50 Injured as Tornado Rips Kendrapada in Orissa

Reports coming in from Orissa say that a violent tornado has hit the Kendrapada area of the state killing eight and injuring another 50. Some people in the affected area put the number of dead at as high as 20, but the claims could not be ascertained. The Rajkanika area was the worst affected by the tornado which was followed by violent hailstorm. Some 300 houses have been razed to the ground in the area and several children are also feared to be among the dead. Key district officials areRead More