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BJP legislator Mastermind the Killing: Saba Farooqui

BHOPAL: Saba Farooqui accused CBI of shielding Bhopal’s Bharatiya Janata Party legislator Dhruv Narayan Singh. She said Dhruv Narayan Singh was masterminded the crime. She told this to reporters before entering the court in Indore. She said: “Dhruv Narayan Singh is the mastermind.” He is “100 percent involved in it”, she said. She refused to get her statement registered before a magistrate said a counsel of CBI. On Wednesday, Zahida Parvez also accused CBI of sheilding Dhruv. CBI counsel Hemant Shukla said: “We have no issues what they say toRead More

MLA to undergo polygraph test again

NEW DELHI: In connection with the murder of RTI activist Shehla Masood, The BJP MLA Dhruv Narayan Singh is likely to undergo lie-detection test again on Saturday because previous attempt by the CBI to carry out the procedure on him did not proved to be fruitful. The agency said Singh’s physical parameters did not remain normal during the test on March 14.The test can be carried on him on Sunday, 25 March subject to his consent and his medical condition remaining normal. Sorces say’s that MLA is “not completely off-radar”Read More

Contract killer Irfan wants to confess

INDORE: In a major turn of the events in the murder case of RTI activist Shehla Masood the prime accused Contract killer Irfan wants to record his confessional statement told special CBI court on Thursday. The court has given him 48 hrs of time to think before recording of the statement under section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code. CBI lawyer told reporters that, “Irfan has expressed desire to record his confessional statement under section 164 of the CrPC before the Special Judicial Magistrate (CBI) Dr Shubhra Singh”. The courtRead More

Shehla’s family is in danger

BHOPAL (IANS): Shehla’s family could be targeted by the killers after her own death. The members of Forum-Asia who prepared a report on the killing of Right to Information (RTI) activist revealed that after her murder her family is also a target as it has received two threat letters. They also expressed surprise at the indifferent attitude of Madhya Pradesh human rights organisation on the issue. Forum-Asia is an independent group of several human rights organisations with headquarters based in Manila. The three-member team comprising Kundan Aryal from Nepal, BalkrishnaRead More

Police did calls from Shehla’s mobile phone

BHOPAL: After Shehla Masood murder the city police reportedly tampered with the mobile phone of Shehla that was under its possession after the murder. Immediately after the murder of the RTI activist, Bhopal police had thoroughly checked the whole car, but failed to detect a gold pendant and a file that were left inside. On Monday, the Bhopal police was embarrassed after the CBI sleuths recovered a gold pendant and a file from Shehla’s car that was in their possession. Now it has been revealed that the police made fourRead More

A tape of Shehla-Pawan conversation presented to the court

BHOPAL: Last week Shehla Masood was killed outside her resident in Bhopal, but the police are still clueless if it was a suicide or murder the person who took on the mighty, and was a key member of the city’s Anna Hazare movement. A telephonic conversation revealed in which the murdered activist was threatened by senior IPS officer Pawan Shrivastava. The conversation between Masood and Shrivastava accessed was as follows: > Shehla: Please connect me to the Sir. > Pawan Shrivastava: Hello > Shehla: Sir I could not complete. TheRead More

Shehla Masood’s killers still roams free

BHOPAL: Tuesday Shehla Masood was found murdered outside her residence just as she was leaving from home for Anna’s Rally. The investigations, so far, have yielded little apart from transfers of two top police officials. Medical and legal experts have confirmed that she was murdered. Masood had filed so many controversial RTIs related to income tax details, about BJP Rajya Sabha MP Anil Madhav Dave and his NGO, as well as the chairman of the Chirayu Medical College and hospital Dr Ajay Goenka. In fact just recently, the Environment MinistryRead More