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Islamic State kills US Navy SEAL in Iraq attack

Baghdad: The Islamic State group broke through Kurdish defences in northern Iraq yesterday and killed a US Navy SEAL deployed as part of the US-led coalition against the jihadists. The attack came as the United Nations said that fighting with IS in northern Iraq could displace another 30,000 people, adding to millions who have already fled their homes. And in Baghdad, throngs of Shiite pilgrims braved the threat of bombings by IS, which have killed dozens of people in recent days, to take part in a major annual religious commemoration.Read More

IS kills 120 civilians in ‘massacre’ in Syria’s Kobane

Beirut: The Islamic State group killed 120 civilians in a 24-hour rampage through the Kurdish town of Kobane in what a monitor today said was one of the jihadists’ “worst massacres” in Syria. The killing spree in the town, which has become a symbol of Kurdish resistance, was widely seen as vengeance for a series of defeats inflicted on the jihadists by Kurdish militia in recent weeks. It began after three IS suicide bombers blew up vehicles at the entrances to the town yesterday clearing the way for fellow jihadistsRead More

Islamic State photos purport to show unharmed Palmyra ruins

BEIRUT: Islamic State posted photographs online which it said were taken in the central Syrian city of Palmyra and appeared to show its ancient ruins unharmed since the hardline group seized it from government forces.Activists in contact with people inside the city have also said there has been no damage to the UNSECO World Heritage site since the takeover. Islamic State is an offshoot of al Qaeda that has seized territory in Syria and Iraq and is the target of a US-led air strike campaign in both countries. The groupRead More