Suspects held in Paris suburb for France murders

PARIS: The French police believed that the four murders seemed to be the work of a serial killer. The police arrested two suspects.

A motorbike has been seized by the police. One of the suspects, aged 33, was detained as he left his parents’ home in the Paris suburb of Ris-Orangis.

The gunman fled on a motorbike each time, like in the Merah case. No motive has been determined for the latest shootings.

The four victims are:
27 November: Laboratory assistant, 35, in Grigny
22 February: Man, 52, neighbor of first victim, also in Grigny
19 March: Man, 81, shot in Ris-Orangis
5 April: Widow and mother of Algerian origin, shot in the foyer of her apartment block in the Grande-Borne area of Grigny

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