Shri Chouhan’s first programme at Anna Nagar after becoming CM

Bhopal: After taking oath as Chief Minister, Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan started his public programme from Bhopal’s hutment area Anna Nagar here today. He said that he will serve people day in and day out. Works for welfare of those who are lagging behind and are poor will be taken up first.
Shri Chouhan directed to add names of all labourers living in the hutment area in the list of Building and Other Construction Works Board. He also announced that even if their names do not figure in BPL list, all labourer families, maids, handcart and rickshaw pullers and disabled will be given rice at the rate of Re. one per kg as announced at his oath-taking ceremony. He directed to include names of all labourer families of the hutment areas in the list for giving wheat, rice and salt at Re. one per kg by holding a special camp. He said that he is fulfilling basic requirements of the poor by recovering taxes from people capable of earning money by running factories, business establishments etc.

Shri Chouhan assured residents of Anna Nagar hutment area situated on government-owned BHEL land for the last 50 years that their shanties will not be removed. He will visit Delhi and urge Union Government to give permanent pattas to shanty dwellers.

Shri Chouhan said that construction of houses for the urban poor will be started. He administered pledge to shanty dwellers to send every child to school, making hutment area ideal through de-addiction and end disparity between boys and girls. Shri Chouhan congratulated MLA Shri Vishwas Sarang for being re-elected. Shri Sarang urged that permanent pattas should be given to Anna Nagar shanty dwellers. Shri Alok Sharma and Smt. Malti Rai were also present on the occasion.

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