Satellite images suggests, North Korea preparing for sixth nuclear test

London: North Korea appears to be preparing to conduct a nuclear test in a show of defiance towards United States.

The US-based monitoring group 38 North on Thursday said that the satellite images from the North’s Punggye-ri site showed it was “primed and ready” for what would be the country’s sixth nuclear test since 2006, The Guardian reports.

“Commercial satellite imagery of North Korea’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site from April 12 shows continued activity around the North Portal, new activity in the Main Administrative Area, and a few personnel around the site’s Command Center,” 38 North said on its website.

“In the courtyards of the main administrative area are approximately 11 probable tarp-covered pallets of equipment or supplies, a formation of personnel, and several individuals walking about,” the site added.

South Korean officials, however, have played down speculation that a nuclear test was imminent.

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