Resolution in US Senate to honour Satyarthi, Malala

Washington: A US Senate resolution has been introduced to recognise Nobel laureates Kaliash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzai as “symbols of peace.”
Introduced by Senator Tom Harkin, the resolution says Satyarthi has personally rescued more than 82,000 children from the worst forms of child labour; and Malala has promoted education for girls in Pakistan since she was 11 years old and is an advocate for worldwide access to education.

The Senate resolution recognises Nobel laureates Satyarthi and Malala as symbols of peace and advocates for ending the financial exploitation of children and for the right of all children to an education.

Commends all individuals working around the world to end the scourge of child slavery and to advance education for all children, the resolution recognizes the challenges that remain in ending the financial exploitation of children and providing access to an education for all children.

Urging all governments, civil society organizations, businesses, and individuals to unite in the common purpose of protecting children from losing their childhoods as well as their futures; the resolution recognises the dedication and commitment to freedom, the rights of children, and the
endurance of the human spirit, demonstrated by all individuals who make sacrifices to build a more peaceful world.

Harkin also twitted a picture of his with Satyarthi congratulating him on receiving the Nobel Prize for a lifelong fight to end child labor.

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