Prince Harry kills Taliban commander in Afghanistan

London: Prince Harry who is an RAF helicopter pilot deployed in Afghanistan, has killed a Taliban leader in an airstrike, notching up his first ‘kill’, British media reported on Sunday.
According to a newspaper, the attack is said to have happened in late October, shortly after the prince returned to Afghanistan for his second deployment as gunship co-pilot.

As the co-pilot gunner, Harry commands missions, fires the weapons, navigates and sometimes take over the controls. The two-crew gunship – nicknamed the ‘flying tank’ – is used by UK forces in Afghanistan to smash the Taliban, gather intelligence and provide support for soldiers on the ground.

The prince’s current tour of duty in Afghanistan is for four months and in his words, the Apache attack helicopter is simply ‘awesome’.

Designed to hunt and destroy tanks, the fearsome Apache is capable of flying at 205 mph and boasts a mix of weapons including a wing-mounted aerial rocket, Hellfire laser-guided missiles and a 30 mm chain gun.

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