Obama to end his holidays, leave for Washington on Thursday

Washington: US President Barack Obama is cutting short his Hawaiian holiday to leave for Washington on Thursday.

Obama was in Hawaii to celebrate Christmas with his family and friends. The First Lady and the rest of his family would stay in Hawaii for the rest part of the year.

“Because we didn’t get this done, I will see you next week,” he told White House reporters last Friday before leaving for Hawaii.

According to White House, Obama last night made holiday telephone calls to US service members, then sat down with his family for Christmas Eve dinner.

In the morning, the family gathered to open their Christmas gifts. They then ate breakfast and sang carols. In the afternoon, Obama and the First Lady traveled to the Marine Base to visit with service members and their families.

“We are still in a wartime footing. There are still folks, as we speak, who are overseas, especially in Afghanistan, risking their lives each and every day… You have the entire country behind you, and that all of us understand that we would be nowhere without the extraordinary service that you guys provide,” he said.

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