Not only materialism, education of love, compassion and friendship necessary

Bhopal. Today the world needs education of love, sympathy and friendship and not materialism. There is need of emotional improvement knowledge and not of physical knowledge and only India can provide this education to the world. India can give the world knowledge of spiritualism also apart from modernism. Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has done a commendable job in the field of environment and water conservation through the Narmada Seva Yatra in the state. Dharmaguru Shri Dalai Lama expressed these thoughts at a Narmada Seva Yatra programme in Turnal village near Nemavar in Dewas district today. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Minister of State for School Education Shri Deepak Joshi, local MLA, people’s representative, various religious and community leaders, officials were also present on the occasion.

Must end caste, colour and religious discrimination

Shri Dalai Lama said that we must end caste, colour and religious discrimination to bring about peace and prosperity in the world. For this, it is necessary that we all understand mutual unity. The seven billion people of the world are all one. I am also one of them. We must forget selfish interests and maintain love and harmony with everyone.

Chief Minister’s efforts commendable

Shri Dalai Lama said that the efforts of the state’s Chief Minister towards environment and water conservation are commendable. He said he had discussion with the CM on serious issues and agreed to him. He said we would have to make continuous efforts and work hard for the progress of human beings. Only talking about it will not help. We would have to maintain cleanliness and keep the environment and water clean and pure.

Must save ancestors heritage

Shri Dalai Lama said that we have to save trees, water, air and whatever we have inherited from our ancestors. I am also making continuous efforts towards water and environment conservation. To save water, I use a shower to take bath instead of bathtub.

Development of rural areas must

Shri Dalai Lama said that India is an agricultural dominated country. Most of the public lives in villages hence the development of rural areas is most important. The facilities available in cities must be available in rural areas also. Technical development is important but food, water and clean air for every person is more important. I appreciate the Chief Minister for his idea of village development. There should be university for education and cinema for entertainment in villages besides well-equipped hospitals.

Women should play more active role

Shri Dalai Lama said that women should play a more active role in development. Women are more sensitive as compared to men. To make the world a better place, focus should be more on development of women.

Stress on ‘Ahimsa’

Shri Dalai Lama gave his speech in English but used Hindi for non-violence laying stress on the word ‘Ahimsa’ and told about its special importance. He said that only Ahimsa could establish love, harmony and peace in the world. He said that only India is a country in the whole world where so many people belonging to different religions co-exist in peace and goodwill. This makes India special. Only India is a country that can link ‘Antargyan’ with material progress.

Touch Generates Peace and Fresh Energy

Speaking on the occasion Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Shri Dalai Lama is a great Dharmaguru and spiritual person. His touch generated spiritual peace and fresh energy in him.

A unique yatra

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that Narmada Seva Yatra has become a unique yatra in the world in the field of water conservation. Narmada is our lifeline, without Narmada there is no state and without the state, we cannot exist. Lakhs of hectares of land in the state is irrigated through Narmada river. Besides cleaning and conserving the water of Narmada, tourist activities around the river will also be developed.

Tree plantation on both banks of the river

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that fruit-bearing trees would be planted at one km distance on both banks of the river Narmada. Trees would be planted on both government and private land. Farmers would be given compensation of Rs 20,000 per hectare and 40 per cent grant for planting trees on private land. The labour would be paid through MNREGA scheme. While on the one hand, the flow of the river would increase, the income of farmers would also increase.

Simultaneous plantation of crores of trees on July 2

The Chief Minister said that crores of trees would be planted simultaneously on both banks of the river Narmada on July 2. He called upon people to take active part in the campaign as Narmada Sevaks.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that not even a drop of dirty water would be allowed to flow into the Narmada river. The pipeline with dirty water would be diverted elsewhere, cleaned first, and provided to the farmers for irrigation. He said that a system should be followed during pujan so that no material is immersed into the river. Pujan material should be put in the pujan kund.

CM also said

Adequate number of changing rooms would be constructed on both the banks of the Narmada.

Several mokshadham would be made on both the banks of the river.

Law should be made to hang rapists.

Liquor shops within 5 km radius of the bank of Narmada will be closed down from April 1. Gradually the ban would be implemented in the entire state.

Government will bear fees of students who get 85% in 12th standard for higher education in an institute of professional education.

Government doctors would have to serve in rural areas for first three years.

Farmers should not burn residue, instead they should make use of rotavator to make hay and make the land fertile.

Bodhi tree planted

At the outset, Shri Dalai Lama planted a Bodhi (Pipal) plant and the Chief Minister planted a Bargad plant. The programme began with kanya-pujan and Narmada jal kalash pujan. Earlier, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan welcomed Shri Dalai Lama at the helipad at Turnal village in the morning.

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