Kapil Sharma’s episode dropped from Karan Johar’s show?

Mumbai.Karan Johar is known to have skirted controversies despite providing a platform for the most salacious talks on his chat show — until now. His latest guest and a popular talk show host himself, Kapil Sharma, apparently stirred a hornet’s nest on the show, so much so, that Karan has decided to drop the episode. Turns out it started with Karan asking Kapil how the latter managed to be on Twitter, the first thing in the morning. He later went on to ask him if he’d rather spend that time with his girlfriend. The banter turned out to be ‘too personal’ for Kapil who responded by saying that he has never on his own show, made a guest so uncomfortable. One sarcastic comment led to another pointed comeback and Karan decided to drop the episode. The channel of course offered a more polite version of the repartee, but that’s not what we hear.

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