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Israel and Madhya Pradesh to Cooperate in Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Management and Floriculture

Bhopal. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Israel and Madhya Pradesh can cooperate in Agriculture, Irrigation, Water Management and Floriculture. Shri Chouhan said this during the meeting with Ambassador of Israel Shri Daniel Carmon here today.

CM Shri Chouhan said that Israel can also cooperate in defence sector. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country which has made the defence policy under the defence production policy of the Union Government. Jabalpur and Gwalior of the state are suitable places for this. He further mentioned that Israel and India has historical and friendly relations. Israel has developed itself as a nation under the difficult situation. Patriotism of Israel inspires us. Madhya Pradesh also view Israel in the same way. Madhya Pradesh is the fastest developing state of the country. Agriculture growth rate is more than 20 percent continuously since last four years. Israel has set the examples in the world for works carried out in the fields of agriculture and water management. More irrigation with less water can be learnt from Israel. Constant efforts are being undertaken in Madhya Pradesh for better utilisation of water.

Moreover, Shri Chouhan said that growth rate of Madhya Pradesh is continuously more than 10 percent since last 8 years. Works related to infrastructure development, agriculture and irrigation are being carried out speedily in the state. Also special efforts are being undertaken to fulfil the works of social obligations. World’s biggest River conservation campaign ‘Narmada Seva Yatra’ has been started in the state in which the government and society both together are conducting the campaign to make Narmada River free of pollution. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country which has established Anand Department. It is believed in India since ancient times that wealth does not bring happiness, this is spiritual thing. Anandam programme has been launched recently in the state, whoever has extra things more than they need should give it and whoever needs it, should take it. This arrangement will be started gradually at panchayat level.

Two Centres of Excellence at Sehore and Shajapur

Ambassador of Israel Shri Carmon said that Israel is the country which has experience to develop as a nation in adverse conditions. Priorities are fixed as a nation. Better relations with India are one of the priorities of Israel. Priorities sectors have been identified for cooperation between both the countries. Under these sectors like defence, agriculture, irrigation, water management, urban development and recycling are included. Israel is developing centre of excellence in horticulture sector in different states of India. Two centres of excellence will be developed in Sehore and Shajapur districts of Madhya Pradesh. Israel is committed to work, learn and to cooperate with India.

Principal Secretaries to CM Shri Ashok Varnval, Shri S.K. Mishra and Secretary to CM Shri Hariranjan Rao were present on the occasion.

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