Iran nuclear talks resume in Geneva

Geneva: World powers resumed negotiations with Iran over Tehran’s disputed nuclear programme, more than three weeks after they last met and gave themselves another seven months to strike a deal.
Political directors of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany — the so-called P5+1 – are holding a one-day meeting in Geneva with the Iranians, mediated by the European Union (EU).

The US and Iranian delegations met on Monday and Tuesday in Geneva in preparation for the multilateral talks, led by Acting Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and Iran’s deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi.

All parties agreed to give themselves seven more months – until June 30 — to strike a deal, although they said they hoped to have the broad outlines hammered out by March.

A final agreement is aimed at ensuring Tehran will never develop nuclear weapons under the guise of its civilian activities.

Iran denies that it is seeking the bomb and insists its nuclear activities are for solely peaceful purposes.

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