Indio-pak match create history for Television too

Wednesday’s India-Pakistan match in Mohali proved to be the biggest sporting event of the century, might not have lived up to the expectation of being a thriller but it did break all previous records.

A record breaking number of audiences were glued to their television sets when India defeated Pakistan in the 2011 World Cup semi-final. A total of 67.53 million viewers watched the match. That should not come as a surprise to a nation where cricket is a passion.

The ad rates for the final match are said to be going at Rs. 24 lakh per ten seconds. The spot rates for ten seconds of advertisement during the semi-final match reportedly cost Rs. 18 lakh.

Rating agencies said, the India-Pakistan encounter recorded the highest television rating in history.

It attracted almost double the viewers than the India-Australia match (that many would argue was closer). Only goes to prove the history of rivalry between the two teams from the sub-continent.

The India-Pakistan match ratings stood at 11.74 as compared to 6.53 for the India-Australia encounter.

The average time spent per viewer for the India-Pakistan match was three hours per person while viewers watched the India-Australia match for a little less than 2 hours per person on average.

It will be interesting to see if the final in Mumbai sets a new record.

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