French army attacks and Toulouse shooting has a link

PARIS: French police is scouring southern west France in one of biggest man hunt to found out the gunman who shot dead 4 peoples at Jewish school in Toulouse on Tuesday.

More than 100 police officers were dispatched to found out the gunman who is also believed to be the prime suspect in two other incidents which includes killing of soldiers in Toulouse and the nearby town of Montauban, to the north.

President Sarkozy described the attacks as national tragedy. Guards are to be posted outside all faith-based schools, as well as all Jewish and Muslim religious buildings, he said.

“In attacking Jewish teachers and children, there seems to be an obvious anti-Semitic motivation,” he said. “With the soldiers … one can imagine that the bloodthirsty madness was linked to racism.”

The shooting took place when parents were taking their children to schools on Monday morning.

A minute of silence will be observed at schools across the country at 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

A local prosecutor said “This man alighted from his moped and, as he was outside the school, he shot at everybody who was near him, children or adults. Children were chased right into the school”.

UK’s Foreign Secretary William Hague condemned the attack. He said, “This act of calculated cruelty will unite all decent people in revulsion and condemnation”.

All the candidates in the French presidential elections has suspended their campaigning.

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