Shocker: 11-year-old boy accused of rape by 21-year-old maid

Cops book woman for giving false information to a public servant and levelling false charges against the boy

Delhi: In a shocking development in the national capital, a 21-year-old maid accused her employer’s 11-year-old son of raping her. The maid alleged that in the absence of his parents, the boy would misbehave with her, push her down on the bed, and rape her. She also claimed that the boy would lie down on top of her and even physically assault her.
However, the police have filed an FIR against the maid as the Juvenile Justice Board in Delhi found her allegations “highly unlikely” to be true. Witnessing anomalies in her statement and based on the investigation which revealed that she had filed the case with an “oblique motive”, principal magistrate Murari Prasad Singh directed the police to file an FIR against her.
According to media reports, the woman had signed a contract to work as a domestic help at the child’s house for about a year.
The cops also booked her for giving false information to a public servant and levelling false charges against the boy.
The woman alleged that the boy used to threaten her with his bat and even blackmailed her, saying that if she revealed any of this to his family members she would lose her job. She told the police that she faced assault at the hands of the boy for four continuous days and, fed up with this, she went back to the placement agency. The agency staff took her to the police on April 9 last year. During the investigation, cops also found that the maid had collected Rs 40,000 from the family but worked for only four days. When she was called and asked to work, she threatened to file a complaint. The court said the case was filed with an oblique motive.

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