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Click It Select: Sliding on dirt at the Great Trail Adventure

Going straight is never a problem. It’s when approaching corners – or when the tarmac is replaced by gravel, mud or sand – that riding your motorbike becomes difficult.India saw a huge boom in the adventure touring and sport motorcycle segments with the recent introductions of bikes like the Triumph Tiger, BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin and Suzuki V Strom.Many watched accomplished off-roaders like Chris Birch power slide on big adventure bikes, and the adrenaline rush led them to pick up one of these beasts weighing over 200 kgs each.

In their heads, they had already envisioned a sideways drift on dirt and pictured the experience of having a rear wheel slide through a counter steer out of a corner. But in reality, most only had the courage and skills to ride those bikes on the road. That’s where an adventure riding school like Great Trail Adventure (GTA) comes to the aid.aims at providing the space, infrastructure, trainers, and technical support that novice riders need to learn the correct technique when it comes to off-road biking. They also aim to free the rider’s mind of any doubts and concerns about riding on dirt. From setting up the bike for off-road conditions to set up the rider for the same, GTA covers everything.

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