Christians in Pakistan not to celebrate Christmas this year

Lahore: Pakistani Christians on Friday decided not to celebrate Christmas this year to express solidarity with the families of the victims of the deadly Peshawar school terror attack that killed 148 people, mostly children.
“All minorities of the country strongly condemn terrorism in Peshawar. We have called off Christmas celebrations to express solidarity with the nation. Special prayers are arranged at all churches and temples in the country,” Federal minister and minority ministry Senator Kamran Michael said.
“The minorities are deeply grieved over the killing of innocent children and other persons in the Peshawar tragedy. There is a need for collective efforts to eliminate terrorism and transform Pakistan into a welfare state,” Punjab Minister for Minorities Affairs and Human Rights Khalil Tahir Sindhu said.

“There is a heavy responsibility on all Pakistanis to maintain unity in their ranks and point out the miscreants so that they could be taken to task,” he said. The Pakistan government announced a three-day mourning after the horrific attack on December 16.

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