BJP has not set 75-year age bar for contesting polls: Amit Shah

BJP, 75-year age bar, polls, Amit Shah, BJP president Amit Shah
Bhopal: BJP president Amit Shah on Saturday said his party has not set any rule disallowing its members to contest elections after they turn 75.
“There is no rule or tradition in the BJP to forbid leaders to contest polls after they attain the age of 75,” Shah told reporters here.
When it was pointed out that two senior BJP members in the Madhya Pradesh cabinet, Babulal Gaur and Sartaj Singh, were dropped from the cabinet in the last reshuffle after they attained the age of 75, Shah said that it was the chief minister’s prerogative.
On the issue of Ram temple, the BJP chief said his party wants it to be built after the court’s decision or through mutual understanding.
“We want that the Ram temple should be built. It was in our manifesto,” he said.
He said that to check corruption, the BJP government has capped the donations to political parties to Rs 2,000 cash, which was Rs 20,000 earlier.
“What couldn’t be done in the last 50 years, we have done. The move to reduce the limit from Rs 2,000 cash is aimed at ushering in transparency in political funding,” he added.

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