A tape of Shehla-Pawan conversation presented to the court

BHOPAL: Last week Shehla Masood was killed outside her resident in Bhopal, but the police are still clueless if it was a suicide or murder the person who took on the mighty, and was a key member of the city’s Anna Hazare movement.

A telephonic conversation revealed in which the murdered activist was threatened by senior IPS officer Pawan Shrivastava.

The conversation between Masood and Shrivastava accessed was as follows:

> Shehla: Please connect me to the Sir.

> Pawan Shrivastava: Hello

> Shehla: Sir I could not complete. The phone got disconnected.

> Pawan Shrivastava: No I have completed and said what I had to say.

> Shehla: Sir I could not understand what should I do. What letter should I take back. Should I come right now?

> Pawan Shrivastav: No you take your application back.

> Shehla: Oh that application

> Pawan Shrivasta: Yes, you take back all your applications. All the information that you have sought under RTI, you first take that back.

The conversation, recorded by Shehla Masood in 2009, was presented before the state Chief Information Commissioner along with several other documents on what was happening inside the cultural department.

Pawan Shrivastava was director in culture department then. Few months later on January 19, 2010 Masood wrote a letter to Madhya Pradesh DGP SK Rout, on how she feared for her life from Pawan Shrivastava. The DGP referred the complaint to Bhopal IG Shailendra Shrivastava. The DGP has said everyone one including Pawan Shrivastava would be questioned.

Rout said, “We will question everyone. Whosoever the family is expressing their suspicion on will be questioned. Investigation is on, a team has been formed to verify the phone talks, the family has sought CBI probe into this.”

The state government has already written a letter to the CBI to take over the case. But the family members have expressed fears that the police is still trying to convert it into case of suicide. Now it becomes tough to hold onto that theory.

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